commissioner of agriculture

your Local Elected democratic Office Holders

Delores Hogan Johnson, state house REPRESENTATIVE district 84

Sheriff Ken Mascara

Michelle Franklin, Property Appraiser

Chris Craft, Tax Collector

Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections

Joseph E. Smith, Clerk Of Court

We serve ALL of the people!

Chris DZ.jpg

Chris Dzadovsky District 1 County Commissioner

Seam Mitchell D2.jpg

Sean Mitchell District 2 County Commissioner

Linda Bartz D3.jpg

Linda Bartz District 3 County Commissioner

School Board Members

Debbie Hawley  District 1

Debbie Hawley

District 1

Carol Hilson  District 2

Carol Hilson

District 2

Dr. Donna Mills  District 3

Dr. Donna Mills

District 3

Kathryn Hensley  District 4

Kathryn Hensley

District 4